Skype Lessons

English Language Tuition via Skype


Skype lessons are an essential part of the service I provide as they allow for the busy student to keep in contact with the target language within the comfort of his own home, or office, at a time that is suitable, and without the need to be presentable!!!

What does a Skype lesson consist of?

Well a Skype lesson is usually 30-45 mins due to the demand on students but some students do opt for the full hour (60 mins).

Students are given the option of a video or audio call depending on what key area of their language skills they wish to develop, e.g. phone English.

Students will be expected to maintain a conversation during the allotted time and where requested Skype conversations can also be recorded by both parties for further individual review. The text messaging box can also be used during the lesson as a means to clarifying spoken errors, spelling, or as a means to providing quick links to relevant webpages etc. Skype keeps a record of all these messages so again they can be used as a good reference for later study.

This service obviously also means that students in other countries can avail of my services – once you have a broadband connection then location is no constraint!

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