About Me

About Me

Why Choose The Budapest English Teacher?

Highly Qualified

As a native English teacher living in Budapest with a background in English literature and philosophy as well as a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language I am fully aware of both the diversity of the language and of the best methods to teach it.

Very Experienced

Having ten years experience in a variety of countries and now resident in Budapest I have developed a good cultural understanding and while promoting an English culture through my teaching I also take into account the cultural differences of my students.

Proven Results

Over the years I have had to teach exam preparation classes for both state and internationally recognised English examinations including Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS, Europro, Michigan.

Understanding of Student’s Needs

Having been a student of languages on my travels I have come to understand the difficulties some students have with certain concepts of a language and apply patience along with open discourse as a means to helping students with their language learning experience. ( Hungarian in particular: Since moving to Budapest in 2006 I have at times lapsed in my endeavours to learn the language but as of December 2011 I have made it my 3 year plan to become efficient in Hungarian. Proficient, that’s just a dream.)

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